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AD5930 and Saw Sweep

Question asked by bvo on Dec 21, 2010
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I'm doing some application with AD5930. I'm trying to do a frequency sweep from 115kHz to 125 kHz in a saw-sweep mode. Frequency must rise from 115k to 125k and then again from 115 to 125k repeatedly.


For now I successfully made a triangular-sweep, so frequency rise from 115k to 125k and then falling from 125k to 115k. But this is not what I want. So I set bit D4 in control register to 1, but nothing changed! Frequency sweep stay in triangular mode.


I searched all over the internet but I can't found nothing similar



Here is my current configuration for AD5930:


    // CTRL pin 0


    //Control reg bits
    spiWrite(0x0E9F);  // 0000 1110 1001 1111
    spiWrite(0xC80B); //MSB
    spiWrite(0xD009); //LSB


    // CTRL pin 1




What am I doing wrong or what I may have forgotten?


Please for advice. Thank you.