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using external SRAM with BF-518

Question asked by chagai on Dec 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2011 by gvasanth

Hi All,

I'm using the BF518f ez board evaluation kit - and I'm designing a custom board -


My application requires an external sram (not sdram because of very low power limitations).


1) Are there any recomendations / requirments / DO and Don't to that any one can give related to how to connect the sram to the DSP?

2) Will i have to do any special software configuration so the processor recognizes the new memory? - till now I have been working with the evaluation board and didn't really mess around with too many definitions.


I was thinking of using one of the Cypress srams:


and connect it like the sdram / or the flash on evaluation board.


3) Any special insights?