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Comparison between the FFT of the SHARC and Blackfin

Question asked by rafaelwerneck0 on Dec 20, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2010 by RyanJ

Hello, I'm in the process of choosing a DSP for my next project.  I am making a comparison between the FFT routines of SHARC (ADSP 21375) and the Blackfin (BF-518).  The projects are attached.


I am doing simulations using the VISUAL DSP 5.0.


It generated a waveform of 60Hz (amplitude = 1) + 180Hz + 300Hz + 600Hz (amplitude = 0.1).  The output of the FFT of the SHARC is perfect, but the output of Blackfin is totally different.  I wonder why this difference?


Note: If I generate a simple waveform, 60 Hz (amplitude = 1) + 180Hz (amplitude = 0.1) the outputs of Blackfin and Sharc are identical.


Thank you for your attention.



Rafael Werneck




Waveform Input (60Hz + 180Hz + 300HZ + 600Hz).



FFT Output Sharc.




FFT Output Blackfin.