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handling GPIO in ADuC7060

Question asked by ADuC7060 on Dec 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by Dongtaurus

Hi to all,


I'm newbies to this ADuC 7060 and this forum also.

I'm using keil3 as a compiler.


To elaborate ADuC 7060, i started with GPIO.

Our intention is to toggle GPIO pins P0.1/SCL and P0.3/SDA.


Problem associated with that is P0.3 toggled but P0.1 is not toggling at all.

We also tried with other Pins n it is working but P0.1 is not toggling at all.

Below is the code snippets for your reference.



#define BIT17 0x20000
#define BIT19 0x80000


int main(void){


    POWKEY1 = 0x1;
    POWCON0 = 0x78;           // Set core to max CPU speed of 10.24Mhz
    POWKEY2 = 0xF4;


    GP0CON0 = 0x00;   
    GP0PAR    = 0x00000000;
    GP0DAT     = 0xFFF20000;
    //Here BIT17 is SCL n BIT19 is SDA   


        GP0SET = BIT17 + BIT19;



        GP0CLR = BIT17 + BIT19;





We would really appreciate if you point us in proper direction.



Abhijit K.