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Recording Audio With BF537 Ez kit lite

Question asked by MrDrScNino on Dec 18, 2010
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first, i'd like to say i'm a total noob and i realy need help with this.I am trying to implement VAD (voice activity detection) algorithm using bf537. What i first tried to do is implement my algorithm on live sound recieved directly from SPORT0, but because of my algorithm chunkyness it worked slowly so only one frame in 3 seconds was detected.... My question is how would i record an audio file, (store to memory in form of a file) and then apply my algorithm on that file. I started with an talktrough example (Audio Codec talktrough) and tried to store audio data to an array when interrupt occurs but for some reason this fails and all i get stored is bunch of zeroes. After storing attempt i disable all interrupts using cli(), function, and when I do that all printf's apear to malfunction even with fflush(stdout); Can you please give me some usefull examples in C or some usefull source?