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Question asked by ksweet on Dec 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2010 by ksweet

I have a question about how breakpoints work through the emulator.  I heard that when a breakpoint is set in the IDE, the memory location of the instruction in DSP memory space gets overwritten with some type of "trap" instruction.  If I perform the following procedure, should the debugger stop on my break point?


    1. Program flash memory with a boot stream (init code + main application)
    2. Configure the BF537 BMODE pins such that the DSP will load a bootable program from flash (BMODE==001)
    3. Connect to the DSP via a live session in the IDE
    4. Load the init code (.dxe) through the emulator
    5. Set a breakpoint at 0xFFA0 0000 (start of init code)
    6. Set the program counter to the beginning of boot ROM (PC=0xEF00 0000)
    7. Run


Should my breakpoint get triggered, or could the boot loader overwrite my breakpoint?