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cross mixer issue

Question asked by rong on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2011 by BrettG

I'm trying to implement a routing matrix using the 8 Ch Cross Mixer block. Basically I want to have an arbitary mixing of 8 inputs for any of the 8 outputs. So I followed the SigmaStudio Help, growed the algorithm by 7, then I got 8x8 mixer matrix (8 inputs and 8 outputs). If everything is corerct according to the manual, then each column of the matrix is corresponding to one output, and they all should work indenpendently. It turned they are not, but rather they seem to be pipelined/cascaded one by one. In other words, the mixed output from the previous columns (outputs) also becomes part of the inputs of the next column, or at least it appeared to be so. This cascading effect is useful for filters when implementing multi-band equalizer etc, but certainly not in this case. It basically renders this multi-algorithm mixer useless. I'd expect it'd at least be pointed out in the manual, which currently reads



To add additional mixer outputs, you can perform Grow Algorithm on this block (right-click and select Grow Algorithm from the menu), increasing the number of output pins, as shown below. This example features growth by 4, resulting in five total outputs. (The maximum is +9.) This allows you to create different mixes from the same inputs."