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ADV7441A: Programming for various inputs without soft reset

Question asked by p.s.manikandan on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2011 by p.s.manikandan


        I am using adv7441a[HDCP enabled] for decoding 27 different resolutions across different inputs like Analog Graphics, Component, HDMI and DVI. I use only component processor of ADV. The current software model i have uses the STDI along with HDMI instrumentation registers to detect the video standards, upon detection i do a software reset and program the ADV for the detected standard with the appropriate register values, while the polling happens continuously for the sync status and the cycle continues. I am unable to get the decoder working by removing the soft reset in this cycle, i either see a distorted video or greenish tinted video[i don't see any problem in the color space] in that case. This reset is really annoying with HDCP inputs as the authentication fails in the middle and restarts again causing a increased delay in producing the output. .I tried registering the default values of the I2C registers written while programming for a standard for reverting it back for the next standard, but doesn't help and some of the registers are write only though !!.... Is there anyway i can reset the component processor alone ?....Or is it possible to implement a model without this soft reset ?...If so how?...