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Booting from flash

Question asked by ksweet on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2010 by ksweet

I have an .ldr file that I want to put in flash and boot with a BF537.  We don't have a driver to use Flash Programmer.  We do have an application that programs flash memory directly.  I can run this application from the debugger, have it read from my hard drive and program the flash contents with an image file.


It looks like the boot ROM takes care of reading flash contents and initializing processor memory.  What format should be stored in flash to use a Flash/PROM boot?


How can I get from a .ldr file in 16-bit Intel hex format to a binary image to be copied byte-for-byte into flash?


I have read the Blackfin Loader document cover-to-cover for BF537.  Is there some other Blackfin documents I should be referencing?