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Receiving VITS (vertical interval test signal)

Question asked by Sasa on Dec 13, 2010
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It is necessary for me to receive VITS (vertical interval test signal) on video-decoder with HD (ADV7181C/7401/7403/7441A). VITS is transmitted in VBI lines (17, 18, 330, 331) CVBS and has range [-140…840mV]. If nominal level [0…700mV] is in codes [16…235], that VITS level [-140…840mV] will be in codes [-28…279]. This codes is impossible! How I can receive VITS and get their samples on pixel out port?


Note: SAA7113H (nxp) have mode “raw data (7)” with nominal level [0…700mV] -> [60…209] and VITS level [-140…840mV] -> [16…254] (only for line with VITS).