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Exception cplb_miss_without_replacement.

Question asked by AmrutaG on Dec 13, 2010
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I am using Blackfin BF 534. I am getting exception cplb_miss_without_replacement.


When I tried to debug using ICPLB fault register.

The values are as below:



Same value is alos reflected in RETX reg.(Register -> Core -> Sequencer -> RETX)

Note: this address varifies sometimes I get 0x00C8FD58 or 0x42544544 or some time NULL.

I dont unserstand if I tried same procedure to reproduce bug ,why I m getting different values.


2.SEQSTAT : 0x00002026  or 0x0000202C          

From the table of EXCAUSE values, I got values 0x26 for Data access CPLB miss or 2C  for

Instruction fetch CPLB miss
3 ICPLB_STATUS is 0x00020000


How should I debug this problem?