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Dual memory operations on Blackfin, SHARC and TigerSHARC

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Dec 11, 2010
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I teach a senior course using TigerSHARC and recently, out of curiousity, I demonstrated taking the students C++ code for a DSP algorithm, pragmas and all, and just recompiled on a SHARC 21469.


I was not expecting it to work -- but the compilation went well and within 4 minutes I was able to compare the efficiency of the SHARC compiler in response to pragmas


Deciding to push my luck, I took the same code and recompiled on the Blackfin which I use in my Juniour course.


I recognize that the Blackfin has very limited internal memory so that there might be problems with simultaneous dual memory access (using P and I registers simulatenously). I was planning to generalize this problem and show how to overcome such limitations by demonstrating storing FIR coeffs in local memory, and some data values in local memory, bringing in the other data values from external memory via DMA


How come the Blackfin compiler does not support dm and pm C language extensions, or am I just not including the correct C header file?



Mike SMith