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How to transmit & receive data?

Question asked by Vaslynn on Dec 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2011 by Vaslynn

Hi, I need help urgently! I was given a project -- write a UART in C using BF506F. But i know nth about it & having a tough time figuring the codes.. please help! Thank you!


I edited the  ADSP-BF506F EZ-KIT Lite Power_On_Self_Test, to display this below:



I want to to key '1' Then "enter" to run the code in 1.SENSOR then "Esc" to go back to main menu, but I cant get any response when i key anything on the keyboard...

I knew there's something i didnt initialize, something to do with the transmit & receive But I just dont know how.

I've attached my codes. Please help me!