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BF548 booting from Burstflash

Question asked by Uli on Dec 10, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2011 by Prashant

Hi all,


we have a problem booting a BF548 on a  custom board via BMODE 0001 from a BURST Flash PC28F128P33T85 (same as on the BF548 EZ-board). CS for the Flash seems undefined and  nothing is read in (no activity on addr or data). The flash can be  written and verified through the ICE emulator (Tools > Flash Programmer) and the BF548 can be booted via UART and works normally running ucLinux. There is a SRAM on the same bus as the Flash, but this has (of course) a separate CS and is not active at boot time.


Any ideas or thoughts are welcome... .


Thanks, Ulrich