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Question asked by on May 11, 2015
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EKIT01-HMC830LP6GE is used.

I would like to output 160MHz by Integer Mode.




Software:PLL Eval Software V3_2_4_0 and V3_2_5_0(The problem has occurred by both.)

OS:Win7 32bit


==The first confirmation==

The current value of the power supply is confirmed (current value of the stabilizing supply).

=>[I do not remember an accurate value but 0.2-0.3A]

It confirms it by 00h register reading with this software.

=>[Device ID A7975]

Writing and read backing to 02h register

=>[The read buck value is a written value.]



If Out Frequency Desired is adjusted to 160MHz and Update , it becomes Out Frequency=158.33MHz.

I append the above-mentioned problem Fig.


The VCO frequency is 1.5GHz-3.0GHz.

So,I think that it can achieve 160MHz by the following setting.

Ex1)  XTAL=50MHz,VCO=1.6GHz,R=1,N=32,O=10

Ex2)  XTAL=50MHz,VCO=2.4GHz,R=1,N=48,O=15

Why is not this set with 160MHz?


Thank you.