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BF533 EZKIT on windows7

Question asked by dudekel on Dec 9, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by CraigG


I have BF533-EzKit and im using windows7 (64bit OS).

i have installed visualDSP 5 and then update7.

when i connect the usb to my laptop, it doesn't find the device driver and the visualDSP++ configurator fails when i run the test.

i tried to update the device driver manual, i select ADI -> BF533 EzKit.

the visualDSP++ configurator still fails when i hit the test button. it fails in: "Opening Emulator Interface"

and i receive the message: "Failed to find emulator interface. please do software installation again".

this is after three times i have installed and uninstalled visualDSP5 with update 7 and 8.

1 year ago i had the same laptop, windows7, visualDSP5 with update 7 and it worked fine.

now it doesnt.

please help ASAP. its for my final BSC project.



Dekel N.