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LEDs on ADSP-21489

Question asked by mlau on Dec 9, 2010
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I'm just trying to toggle the LED lights on and off on the EZ board for the ADSP-21489.  I am able to get LEDs 4-8 that are connected to DAI pins to toggle on and off but am having trouble with LEDS 1-3 which are connected to DPI pins.  My code is..


int main( void )
     int i;
     SRU(HIGH, PBEN06_I);
     SRU(HIGH, PBEN13_I);
     SRU(HIGH, PBEN14_I);
     SRU(HIGH, PBEN03_I);
     SRU(HIGH, PBEN04_I);
     SRU(HIGH, PBEN15_I);
     SRU(HIGH, PBEN16_I);
     SRU(HIGH, PBEN17_I);
     while(1) {
          SRU(HIGH, DPI_PB06_I);
          SRU(HIGH, DPI_PB13_I);
          SRU(HIGH, DPI_PB14_I);
          SRU(HIGH, DAI_PB03_I);
          SRU(HIGH, DAI_PB04_I);
          SRU(HIGH, DAI_PB15_I);
          SRU(HIGH, DAI_PB16_I);
          SRU(HIGH, DAI_PB17_I);
          for(i=0;i<10000000;i++) {
          SRU(LOW, DPI_PB06_I);
          SRU(LOW, DPI_PB13_I);
          SRU(LOW, DPI_PB14_I);
          SRU(LOW, DAI_PB03_I);
          SRU(LOW, DAI_PB04_I);
          SRU(LOW, DAI_PB15_I);
          SRU(LOW, DAI_PB16_I);
          SRU(LOW, DAI_PB17_I);
          for(i=0;i<10000000;i++) {
return 0;
Am I doing something wrong with the DPI pin connected LEDs?