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SPORT Loopback in BF527 not working completely

Question asked by Shafi on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by Andreas

Hello all,


   I had downloaded a blackfin_testcases package from sourceforge. Going through the tutorials in that, i was going through a program for testing SPORT driver . I have attached the program, and i did the necessary precautions as mentioned( as much as i can ) in the hardware part as mentioned in the readme.txt.  The program gets stuck in between, I am able to fill the Outbound buffer , but cant recieve the Inbound buffer.


This is the output i get :


"Loading: "D:\shafi\blackfin testcases\testcases\tutorials\device_drivers\sport\dma\basic_usage\ADSP-BF527\Debug\basic_usage_527.dxe"...
Load complete.
Initialize System Services
Prepare buffers
Submit SPORT inbound buffer
Submit SPORT outbound buffer
Enable SPORT dataflow and wait for the test to complete"


the rest of the test doesnt complete.



Loopbacks between pin 6 and 16,7 & 11 and 8 & 14 were done, I couldnt locate JP3, and SW17 and SW20 in my evaluation kit. Please go through the readme.txt that i have attached.




I am using ADSP BF527 EZ KIT LITE Rev 2.2 , it would be good if i can get the schematic for that version.  Because the schematic that i got from the Analog devices website is of version 1.6.