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BF609 Interrupts

Question asked by tamirci on May 11, 2015
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My question is how i will assign a source into an vector table?



I was doing this by using SIC_IAR. What is the correspondence register in BF609?



I really need to know an important thing about BF609 interrupt mechanism:



I have been using BF537 and assigned my interrupts through ivg7 to ivg15 in addition ot core timer. Now i m programming BF609 but confused a point. İs there only 16 interrupt entry on interrupt vector table in BF609? İf so how come i assign some interrupt sources to the core 1?



What happens if i add ik_ivg16 on interrupt kind definition within exception.h?



BF609 reference manual does not have System Interrupts section?



İvg7 to ivg15 can only has 9 different source of interrupts but my application has 15 different source of interrupts some will be routed to the core 0 and some will be routed to the core 1.



For example; if i use ivg8 for a PPI Rx interrupt I cannot use it for anything. İs there any app note that explains interrupt mechanism more in detail?



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