ADAU1445/1446 flexible routing matrix

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Hello to all,

in my design i have a ADAU1442 and up to 3 AD1938 can be connected. I have to design a multiroom application and want to equalize every Output channel. I make a design to switch every input channel to every output channel. I used the MUX unit to do this, because the FARM could not do this job for me...!? Right? I think the FARM can Switch any Output channel but not the input stream of the DSP. The Design for all Input and all Output Channels is a lot of data. In the DSP Ressource Monitor shows me 1272 Instructions used.But the Interface will copy 7632 Bytes of Program Data. The Design won't work with this compilation. When i delete a lot of Filter and compile the design again it works. I dont understand how i will use the 3k of instructions. In my design not more than 700 will work savely.

Where is the mistake?

And is there a way to use the FARM for this application. Without change the Outputs. (if i change the outputs the equalizer coefficents will be wrong because they are coppled with the room and not with the source.) My Equ consists of 5 IIR Filter blocks in Series.


Thank you very much!


Moritz Bente