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EVAL-ADAU1X61EBZ: USB communication failure

Question asked by ettek on May 11, 2015
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we've purchased an EVAL-ADAU1X61EBZ Rev B board with an EVAL-ADUSB2Z v1.3 board and tried the first SigmaStudio Project - EQ and Volume control - form the documentation, that came along with the board.

But we are facing an USB communication failure.



- SigmaStudio Version 3.11

- SigmaStudio Version 3.12 OS Beta 1

- active USB 2.0 Hub (because we found, that there may be problems with USB3.0)

but with no succes! Cannot get the PLL Lock Bit to "LOCKED" state, but it stays "Unknown".


Already triple checked the jumper settings on the EVAL-ADAU1X61EBZ board, as well as the chip on the board.

Analog Devices USBi driver seems to be proper installed an functional.

The power LEDs on both boards are on (red) and the I2C LED on the EVAL-ADUSB2Z v1.3 board is flashing very fast (orange).


Using a Lenovo Thinkpad E540 with Win 7 64Bit.

Any further ideas on that problem?


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