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Problem with Visual Analog &/or AD9650 (HSC-EVALCZ)

Question asked by mehdi.khemir on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by Anthony.DeSimone



I have currently a problem with my evalboard. I did some measurements, my outputs were fine then, after some tests, I made some others measurements. Since these lasts measurements, my outputs are exactly the same... Moreover, if I work with an input for my FPGA in interleaved mode, my ouput, after deinterleaving, is always a mix between my inputs... (before, I could deinterleave my data and everything worked fine).


I had the same problem with my first evalboard and I switched for the other and the problem was gone. Now, the 2 evalboards work the same way...


I'm stuck with these problems, I tried everything I could (change the parameters with SpiController, uninstall all the soft, the drivers and the folders,...), I don't know what to do, if someone can help me, it will be very nice...


Thanks a lot!


Best regards,


Mehdi Khemir