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AD9144 JESD204 AC Coupling Capacitor Placement

Question asked by neo on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Biao.H

Anyone can suggest a correct place to put 100nF AC coupling capacitors for SERDINx lines?

In the datasheet just said "It is recommended that the JESD204B inputs be ac-coupled to the JESD204B transmit device using 100 nF capacitors. " I have found a note in the FMC DAQ2 schematic above these capacitors that said "PLACE AS CLOSE TO DAC AS POSSIBLE". But I also have found a note in AD9136 datasheet that said "These capacitors must be 100 nF and placed as close as possible to the transmitting logic device." which means near FPGA.

What should I do about these capacitor? Near FPGA or near DAC?