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Question asked by siva.thiru on May 11, 2015
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I am using the ADV7401 for analog RGB to 24bit YCrCb/RGB conversion.

The analog RGB inputs are assigned to AIN4, AIN5 & AIN6 input channels.

By default(During Power On) the ADV7401 generating the unexpected output waveforms without video input and there is no register configuration.

I am receiving the sine waves in following pins,

Pin No          Mnemonic          Default Waveform

94                P16                    2.7V@7MHz

93                P17                    2.6V@7MHz

92                P18                    2.12V@14.37MHz

91                P19                    2.6V@7.18MHz

9                  P13                    2.28V@14.2MHz


VSync - 3.36V@53Hz

DE - 3.38V@26.6Hz

Total Active Video Length - 3.2V@16.56KHz(60.4us)


kindly suggest why the default waveforms are presents in above mentioned pins?