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ADAU1442 96kHz GPIO and EQ issue

Question asked by Julius on May 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Julius

Dear sir or madame,


I ran into some issues when running my board of the ADAU1442 in self boot configuration at 96kHz when generating code with SigmaStudio.
Now my problem is, that I can´t get any of the GPIO´s working as an output for e.g. limiter-active-flags or others like the "running-average-example" to drive led´s. The hardware registers could be set to any setting for an output (driven by core/controlport with/without pullup) and the GPIO´s are not working. When set as "driven by core with pullup" the led´s are on all the time but don´t react on changes made by the program.
They are working when they´re set to ADC.
I´m curious what problem this might be...


Another issue is the EQ-problem. When running at 96kHz the centerfrequency of the eq is only half the working frequency of it. E.g. when I type in +3dB@1400Hz centerfrequency the eq does +3dB@700Hz.


Are there any solutions for this problems?


Thank you very much!