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DAC with an integrated Memory or AWG IC

Question asked by leonardolr on May 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by larrywelchusa

Hello everybody,

Does Analog Devices have any kind of DAC with an integrated memory (volatile or non-volatile)?

I want to operate with a sampling rate higher than 500 KHz.

The application is as simple as convert to analog a periodic signal with N samples, such as in the following:

x1,x2,x3, ...,xN, x1,x2,x3...,xN,x1,x2,x3...,xN,x1,x2,x3...xN,x1,x2,...etc

The N samples could be saved in this IC (with SPI, I2C,  or other interface, parallel or serial), and the IC would be responsible to transmit the samples and repeat them like listed above.


The AD9102  is the closest IC I have found. However, this part have a maximum sampling rate of 180 MHz which is much higher than  required by my application.

I would like to find a solution cheaper than AD9102, and also cheaper than a MCU or FPGA continuously (sample by sample) updating a simple DAC.

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestion.

Leonardo Ramalho