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Hittite HMC472 / HMC792LP4

Question asked by ingkarlgauss on May 8, 2015
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We've recently developed a prototype for a product wich uses the HMC472 / HMC792LP4 DC-3.8GHz and 6GHz variable attenuators.


Those devices are sold by Hittite as going from DC, however on the test we cannot go lower than a few MHz (we need to pass/attenuate signals from 50Hz up to 3.5GHz).


The datasheets are vague, they say the operation is from (citing): Near to DC operation. But no indication on how near they go.


Also there is some line saying that the resistors marked as ACGx play a role on that response but they are not clear how?


Can you please help us solving this problem?




C. Romero

Montena Tech.