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Accessing DAI_P19 and DAIP_20

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Dec 6, 2010
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I am trying to read the 4 switches on the 21469

I have worked out how to access SW1 and SW2 as FLAG1 and FLAG2


unsigned int ReadSwitches(void) {
    int value = 0;
    value = (value << 1) | poll_flag_in (READ_FLAG2, RETURN_FLAG_STATE);
    value = (value << 1) | poll_flag_in (READ_FLAG1, RETURN_FLAG_STATE);

    return value;


However, I can't find how to access the SW3 and SW4 via DAI_P19 and DAIP_20.

I presume the 21469 help pages mean  DAI_P19 and DAI_P20 rather than DAI_P19 and DAIP_20


These don't seem to be specifically defined in 21469.h, cdef21469,h  or def21469.h  include files


Any help would be appreciated


The pbled.c file (power-up-test) only shows these pins accessed as interrupts and not as push-bottons and the other 21469 examplesdon't seem to mention simple push button operations


I found this in pbled.c but I am missing the reads operations


/* pin assignments in SRU_PIN3 (Group D) */


    SRU(LOW,DAI_PB19_I);    /* assign pin buffer 19 low so it is an input */
    SRU(LOW,DAI_PB20_I);    /* assign pin buffer 20 low so it is an input */


    /* route MISCA signals in SRU_EXT_MISCA (Group E) */


  SRU(DAI_PB19_O,MISCA1_I);    /* route so that DAI pin buffer 19 connects to MISCA1 */
  SRU(DAI_PB20_O,MISCA2_I);    /* route so that DAI pin buffer 20 connects to MISCA2 */


  /* pin buffer disable in SRU_PINEN0 (Group F) */
  SRU(LOW,PBEN19_I);    /* assign pin 19 low so it is an input */
    SRU(LOW,PBEN20_I);    /* assign pin 20 low so it is an input */



Mike Smith