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ADV7441A - Same Analog Inputs for YPbPr and RGBHV?

Question asked by ahoehn on Dec 6, 2010
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I need to use the same analog inputs for both component and RGBHV graphics.  Is this possible with the ADV7441a?  They both would not be connected at the same time but the ADV7441a would connect to a DB15 giving the user the ability to connect either one or the other.  This was possible with the AD9984a but the recommended circuit diagrams in the hardware manual of the ADV7441a do not show it used this way.  However, the block diagrams seem to indicated this is possible.  I have not found a register to make it happen.  I have attempted to change registers C3 and C4 but it appears the SOG_SEL bit is causing me problems since I do not need the synch on green for RGBHV.  If anybody knows what I should be setting, please let me know.