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Creating Boot Image for Zynq

Question asked by elta on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by elta

Hello guys,


I'm trying to rebuild boot files for my zynq board from scratch. But so far it proves unsuccessful...

I work with the 2014.2 release, and Xilinx tools 2014.2 (Vivado, SDK, Petalinux).

I follow this guide: here.


From the hdl master branch, I was able to build the hardware and the bitstream files.

From the Vivado project, I generated the associated devicetree with SDK (.dts). I compiled the file into .dtb (with dtc linux command).


Then in order to generate the FSBL project, I need the bitstream file (I have it), the zynq_fsbl.elf file (I have it from Vivado as well) and the u-boot file (need to generate).


To generate the u-boot file, I use this Wiki Xilinx guide.

I am able to generate the uImage file with the linux git branch from analogdevicesinc github (git clone command). Thing went fine and I have my uImage file.

I also need the devicetree.dtb file that I generated previously.

But now I need to generate the uramdisk image.From the 2013.1 release, the Zynq uses uses initramfs. However, I don't know how to proceed.


Can you give me some hints?