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Read registers of AD7747, C# code

Question asked by ibs on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by Stephen_Nugent

hi to all,

I am working with evaluation board of AD7747 and after importing ADI_CYUSB_USB.dll to C# environment I found the board and writing to registers commands turned no error (0). I configured it as following:

1. register 0x7 set to 0xa0

2. register 0xb set to 0;

3. register 0x9 set to 0xe

4. register 0xa set to 0xa1


the configuration is carried out by Vendor_Request_Imp(uint Handle, byte Request, ushort Value, ushort Index, byte Direction, ushort DataLength, ref byte[] Buffer)


I would like to read registers to verify write command is correct and after that read the CAP data registers (1-3)

The problem is that I get error 3011.


I use the method as following: int read_flag=Vendor_Request_Imp(Handle, 0xdd, 0, 0x1, 1, 3, ref data)


Is there a write command that is missing? or do I use the method uncorrectly in read command?