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How can we collect datas from the AD7691 via microcontroller ?

Question asked by bbuffel on May 6, 2015
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I'm currently working with two AD7691, each of them are interfacing with a SDP-B card referenced SDP-CB1Z and the SDP-B card owns a BlackFin microcontroller.


Theoretically we can send a signal of conversion through CNV and set the clock via SCK, in order to collect the data on SDO (as shown in the figure below).


So, I was wondering if it's possible to extract the data of the AD7691 by programming directly the BlackFin microcontroller. I know that the BF527 can be programmed with VisualDSP ++ but, can we program it to send through its SDP connector (and more precisely its serial port SPORT) the convert's signal (CNV) and to receive the datas via SDO. According to the figure below, I should send the CNV signal thanks to SPORT_TFS, set the clock through SPORT_TSCLK_BUF and collect the datas with SPORT_DRO. But I don't know how I can program the BF527 to access those connectors. I guess some libraries could exist to do it.

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Thank you in advance.