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Need 10Mhz synchronisation setup to AD-FMCOMMS1  ?

Question asked by mr_nazrin on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by charlyelkhoury

Dear all,

I’m user of Zedboard + ADFMCOMMS1 and now I’m working with another measurement instruments like signal generator, oscilloscope and spectrum analyser. As we know that the 10 MHz synchronisation can be set up as the source of synchronisation to the rest of measurement system instrument e.g. oscilloscope, source, etc. This can help reduce the phase drift of the digital controller(Zedboard + ADFMCOMMS1) with respect to the measurement system.

My question is should I do 10Mhz synchronisation setup on my board (ADFMCOMMS1or Zedboard) ? If possible , where is actual location/sma connector on the board need to  do 10Mhz synchronisation?

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