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Output Baluns on AD9914 Eval Board

Question asked by mikaelis on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by KennyG

dear EZ,


I've been using different AD DDS Chips for a long time now. However, during the last days some questions about the 100 Ohm diff to 50 ohm SE matching popped up.

The EVAL Boards are equipped with TC1-1-13M+ Baluns. From what I heard, these Baluns are 1:1 Transformers.

The question now ist:

Why is the 100 Ohm diff Impedance from the AD9914 matched to 50 OHM SE by a 1:1 Balun? Up to now I would have chosen 2:1 Balun, since a 1:1 balun transforms 100 ohm (diff) to 100 ohm (se).


Where am I going wrong? Please help me understand.


Regards, Mikael