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Question asked by ADIguy on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by dyoung1


I am interested in the HMC833LP6GE for a 25-6000MHz application.

I need to sweep (chirp) in several places over the 25-6000MHz band at a rate of 10MHz in 10usec, and cover 100MHz in less

than 0.5msec, etc. Will the HMC833LP6GE (or any other chip that you can offer) support this fast sweep ? Is it possible to feed the VCO voltage input with a ramp in order to do a fast sweep?  Thanks.


Also could  the HMC701, HMC702, HMC703 or HMC704 be used to perform what's described above? Would the sweep times be faster or slower?


does the HMC701LP6CE. evaluation board include the REF OSC and VCO and can it be used to evaluate the fast sweeps as described above?  Thanks.


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