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Issues with VisualDSP when starting with new processor

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Dec 3, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by CraigG


I am staring to do my first coding with 21469 -- so decided to keep a quick blog of VisualDSP issues as I went through building libraries etc as I am experiencing many of the problems a new user might.


The following are what a software engineer would call 're-factoring issue' i.e. basically tidying up code before moving to release or to a depository.

Perhaps many are in the works for the VisualDSP 6 release -- but I thought I would bring them up as a sort of review.


Am doing this as all these issues will come up with my students when I switching teaching my course to using SHARC


Have build a project -- added a folder X, added .cpp files to X


1) Have decided X is a bad name for the folder -- can't rename to Y


Plan B -- Build a new folder called Y and transfer all files from X into Y and then delete X


2) I can highlight all files in X, but when I drag them  to folder Y, only the first one moves over

Have to drag one at a time


I think this is VDSP wide rather than 21469 specific


Having some problems moving my code from one processor environment to another.

I have a whole load of files I would like to temporarly exc lude from the build


3A) I would like to be able to right click on a directory and select common 'specific optioons' for all files in that directory


3B) be able to 'shift click' to highlight specific files that I can then select common options


Looking at I/O speed (printf) using the Ez-Kit debug agenet -- seems very slow
4) Any way of setting the JTAG speed -- could not see a way either inside VDSP or inside configurator
If not available -- would like to see option greyed out so I don't spend time looking for it


5) Does the expert linker work?