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Question asked by tbet on Dec 3, 2010
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I have been looking for an evaluatio environment for the aduc 7060/61. As far as I figured out the EVAL-ADUC7060QSPZU2 seems to be obsolete meanwhile, while I have problems to order the EVAL-ADUC7061MKZ online at Aalog Devices and is not stocked at Digikey for example.


Is it fair to assume that the ADUC7060/61 is phased out somehow ? Or why is it so difficult to get evaluation boards ?

Is there any successor in the pipeline - for example with a Cortex-3 core ?


In general : what would be another good JTAG solution that could be used except the one (Midas-JTAG) in the EVAL-ADUC7060QSPZU2 ?