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SigmaDSP ADAU17xx - Microphone signal to Loudspeaker signal loopback/feedback

Question asked by vnadon_B_ING on May 5, 2015
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I have 2 microphones and a loudspeaker included in an earpiece. I have 2 earpieces built this way ( one in each ear).


When I process the microphone signal it somehow gets back in the Loudspeaker signal, but I actually have no path whatsoever between the Microphone input and the loudspeaker output. When I decrease the ADC (DSP) gain of the Microphone input the looped signal disappears, when I put the gain back up I can hear my voice captured by the microphone generated back in the loudspeaker.


Could it be because I am using TDM8?


I would like to get rid of this loopback/feedback if possible.