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Data mapping problem between fmcomms2 and zedboard

Question asked by 足球上篮 on May 4, 2015
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       I am working with the fmcommms2 and zedboard under Vivado 2014.2.  the project is from 

I have built the project ,now I want to use the FPGA to process the data received from the ad9361, first I must get the I、Q data . I want to use the data adc_data_i0adc_data_q0adc_data_i1adc_data_q1 ,they are ad9361 output ports ,their data widths is 16 bits.  but from the AD9361 interface spec file,we know that the I、Q data widths is 12bits.  The I and Q samples are separated with I data on P0_D[11:0] and Q data on P1_D[11:0] as show below,

I don't know the mapping relationship between R1_i[11:0] and adc_data_i0[16:0].how to  get the I and Q data?