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ADA4870 driving a large capacitive load

Question asked by subra on May 4, 2015
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I have a question regarding the ADA4870. The part seems ideal for my application where I'm driving large capacitive load ~300nF, and need an output swing of 0-36V with slew rates >50V/us, and drive current of few amps. I plan to use a couple of these in parallel to get the current, but according to the datasheet, page 14, figure 40, the slew rate seems to be pretty low with a high load (1uF).

Do you think it's possible to get this device to drive a 300nF load? (Rs <0.5ohm).

Is there a better component for my applications? The gain I require from this stage can be made small. Again, from the same figure and the one with a lower gain Av=+2 (page 13, figure 36), it seems like the response is limited by the load and not by the bandwidth or +/- feedback.