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GP Timer in BF706

Question asked by Sri@ecil on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by jobo23


I was trying to use the GP timer in BF706. This is the first time i am using a GP timer.

In my application I need to count the edges of an external clock signal. So , this clock signal I connected to TIMER_TMR pin.

TIMER_TMR[n]_PER is set as 32. The control register I have configures as per the H/W reference manual to generate an interrupt when count reached the period. I was expecting that when the counter reaches 32, an interrupt should be generated and control should shift to an ISR. But things are not working as expected.


What I observed is that, the counter is getting incremented but not as expected. And the interrupt is NOT getting generated as expected.


Here I am NOT sing and external clock i.e. TIMER_ACLK is NOT connected to any signal. Should i connect to any external reference clock?? If yes, should it be at higher frequency than the signal at TIMER_TMR pin..???


Please ...if any reference code would be great. And also some light on the hardware connections please...


My requirement is simply to count the external clock edges and when the count reaches certain value, an interrupt have to be generated and the control need to land in an ISR.

Any one please help me out.


Thanks & Regards.