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High Input Impedance OpAmp

Question asked by alvjorge on May 4, 2015
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for a low-power application new design I need an operational amplififier, acting as a transimpedance amplifier to convert current into voltage.


This OpAmp need to have some features to be able to work as requirements command. Some requirements are:

  • Voltage supply: From 3V3, single supply.
    • Always single supply it is better.
    • Although a DC-DC boost could be added, it would be better not to do it for reducing power consumption.
  • High Input Impedance (>= 2GOhm).
  • Low output offset (<100uV).


The proposed OpAmp is the AD708, but by the moment, we are working with AD8603, do you think it could be suitable for this application? Could you tell us the input impedance for that amplifier?


Which will the perfect amplifier for such task?