Third party collection of AD9361 based products

Discussion created by rgetz Employee on May 1, 2015



ADI is putting together a list of the various boards/products that the AD9361/AD9364 are designed into, for mutual awareness. (If someone is looking at the AD9361, sometimes they are much better off buying an existing commercial solution, than trying to create something themselves). We will be publishing this list shortly on www.analog.com


If you would like to include your product in this list, please send me:

  1. your contact info
  2. link to your product page, on your web site, which identifies the AD936x as the RF solution.Ideally, this should like back to the www.analog.com/AD9361 or www.analog.com/AD9364 product pages.
  3. Your product picture (png or jpg, suitable for web publishing on analog.com)
  4. 150 words (or less) description of your product. url links back to your home page, as well as your specific product page, and locations to purchase. This is per product. If you have 5 different products - you can send up to 5 different descriptions.


Please either respond here, or send me a private message.