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DDS AD9953 and AD9954

Question asked by sin on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by sin

Hi all,

My customer has asked me about CLKMODESEL pin of AD9953.

Please let me know as follows :


1. Is it specific that pin 11 (CLKMODESELECT) is an 1.8V logic input,
   not 3.3V like the other digital inputs ?

   I cannot have found it in the datasheet.


2. It's not specified that the  pin is a 1.8V logic only in the datasheet of
   AD9953, but it's specified that in the datasheet of AD9954.
   If possible, let me know the reason avobe.


3. Please tell me what trouble happens if pin 11 is used with 3.3V input.


Best Regards,