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ADIS16364 & EVAL-ADIS to wireless USB

Question asked by mfontanella on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by mfontanella

I trying as the title says replace the USB with a wireless USB connector.


To do this I am planing of powering the EVAL-ADIS with an external 5V supply, easy. Took data though the USB and everything worked fine.


Then I unplugged the USB expecting everything to stay powered and it looks like the whole EVAL-ADIS board went down without power!

So now it seems the external power connector on the board is only to power up the IMU leaving the EVAL-ADIS and it's associated electronics "dark".


Can this be modified? The whole idea was to have a quick wireless IMU output using the EVAL-ADIS with the associated GUI, is there a schematic of the board so I can connect the external 5V supply to it???


Thanks for anyone's input to this, maybe someone has had this problem although I've yet to see anything posted in the group.