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AD9129 and pulse amplitude modulation (PAM)

Question asked by GianlucaB on Apr 30, 2015
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I am looking for a DAC to implement a pulse amplitude modulation protocol for optical communications.


In practice I need to generate a RZ or NRZ (return to zero / non-return to zero) multi-level digital signal at a symbol rate of 625 Msps or 1.25 Gsps.


The AD9129 seems like a good candidate but like most of the RF DACs is characterized in terms of SFDR and frequency domain. What is its time domain response?


Will I be able to generate my multi-level digital signal with it? What scares me most is the 13 ns settling time. If I understand it correctly, this will limit my signal generation to below 100 MHz. Am I missing something or my reasoning is correct?


Thank you!