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AD9680 and Kintex7 connected via JESD204B

Question asked by Heino2304 on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Heino2304

I've connected the AD9680 via JESD204B to a Kintex7. I made sure the settings on both sides are equal. I can see them "talking". So far so good.

I'm using both converters of the AD9680 connected over 4 Lanes.

As long as the scrambler is off on both sides they don't loose synchronisation and the incoming samples on the Kintex side are correct.

As soon as I turn the scramblers on snychronisation gets lost a lot and i get a lot of screwed up samples on the Kintex side.

I've tried for 2 weeks now with different register settings and I'm at my wisdoms end.

Can anybody give me a hint?