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uC Control of the ADAU 1702 Eval board

Question asked by wsaba on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 17, 2015 by wsaba

I've been troubleshooting this eval board using the EVAL-ADAU1401AEBZ evaluation board manual and have come up with a couple unanswered questions when attempting to boot the board using a microcontroller (arduino uno).  Where do I connect the I2c SDA and SCL pins to the eval board (jumper number and pin) and is there a schematic I haven't found of the jumper pinouts?  Should the power indicator light come on from simply connecting the 6 V supply to J14 or does the board have to successfully boot for them to come on? I am able to program over USB (the power LEDs lights up immediately upon connection of the USB).


From what I gather from page 14 of file UG-072, i2c should connect through header j8 on pins 1 (SCL) and 3 (SDA) is this correct?