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BF504F / BF506F Flash Issue and Boot Mode 1

Question asked by KWM on Dec 2, 2010
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  Are there any known issues with either the internal flash or boot mode 1 on either the BF504F or BF506F.  I can flash and have successful boot operation with Boot Mode 3 using the SPI Flash on the EZ-Kit.  But Boot Mode 1  ( Internal Flash ) does not appear to function.  The VDSP++ Flash Programming Tool says that the flash programs, verifies, and i can run a compare - but no dice on booting.  Also, on my product board, we have a BF504F Processor.


With the Tools I can verify the Boot Mode and the following registers, and I get the same values for the two parts:


DSP_ID = E5040000

CHIP_ID = 028000CB

SYSCR = 8001


Are there any known bugs with Boot Mode 1 with this silicon revision?


One last question.  What is the correct process for running a system that is flashed,  with the USB ICE after flashing. Does the reset/ run work the same, or do you need to start the processors PC at another address?