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Stepping Through Debug Code Not Working As Anticipated

Question asked by Nybbler on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by chadw

I am running the basic POST example on my new BF707 EZ-KIT with the included ICE-1000. I can load the debug code, and run through the tests with no issue. I can set SW breakpoints and run to them. However, the "step into" and "step over" buttons do not work as expected. First of all, if the code is stopped at a breakpoint, those step instructions and all other types of resumes do not advance the program, except the assembly step button, which is not what I am currently interested in. Once I disable the breakpoint, I can resume running the code. If I try to step into, over, or out of a function, it seems to treat it as a standard resume, and the code continues to execute until it hits a breakpoint or I suspend it.


Another issue I have encountered while trying to work around this is that when I right-click a line of code to "Run to Line," it doesn't stop on that line unless I make sure it is properly highlighted first, which the right-clicking isn't doing.


What might I be doing wrong?